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How to Write a Resume with No Experience & Get the First Job?

Writing your first resume with no experience sounds scary, right? You might be asking yourself why the employer will even want to hire you?

Well, writing the first resume can be challenging, but don’t let that discourage you. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and the hiring managers are aware of the fact. If you don’t know where to begin, then this article is for you. This post will provide a thorough guide on how to write a resume with no experience and get your first job. 

Let us start now.

Start with a Summary statement

A resume summary is nothing but your professional introduction in a few sentences. You can highlight your skills or your relevant education background here in this section. 

There are many benefits of including a summary statement in your resume. And when you have no professional working experience to account for, it is a clever move to include it. Writing an effective resume summary will surely catch the attention of the hiring managers and persuade them to read further. 

Select a suitable Resume Format

Nowadays, there are plenty of formats available to choose from. Most employers however prefer the conventional resume format, that is the chronological format. Make sure you are consistent with the template and the formatting options you use to emphasize your text.   

Include your Education details

When you are a fresher, including your complete education details in a resume is completely acceptable. Also, if you have no relevant experience, your strongest qualification for the job is likely your relevant educational background. 

Mention your school, degree or course, and the year you graduated. Include your GPA only if it is higher than the average (above 3.5) to showcase your potential. You can also mention your relevant coursework detail if you want to. 

Add relevant Internships and Extracurricular Activities 

When you are a fresher, all types of experiences from formal internships to casual babysitting can be considered as experiences. 

Internships give you a glimpse of working in the professional world and that experience is valuable. So don’t worry about whether the internship was paid or unpaid, list all of them in your resume. 

Apart from that, if you have ever done some volunteer work or participated in extracurricular activities where you have learned a new skill, do include them in your resume.  

List your Achievements and Skills

Skills are always a necessary part of your resume. Ask yourself what skills you have, and which of them are relevant for the position you are applying for. In case they match with the job profile, include them under the Skills section of your resume. 

Also, you can create a separate Achievements section to list all your accomplishments so far. Make sure you use bullets to arrange your achievements and use numbers whenever possible to quantify the accomplishment. 

Tailor your resume according to the Job

Lastly, remember to always customize your resume for the job you are applying for. Do not submit the same resume for every job role. Take your time to tailor it according to the job description to include all the relevant keywords from the job listing and your updated information. 

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