How Far Back in Your Work History Should You Go? Resume Writing Tips

Recruiters now a days prefer 1 pager resume, candidates need to think how far back in work history should they go?

But there’s no right and wrong answer here. You can base it on how much job experience is required on the job you are applying for. But what if there’s no work tenure requirement listed?

We have gathered some valuable information from recruitment experts. Matthew Burr, HR expert says:  “Generally, your employment history should have your last three positions. But if you change jobs every one or two years, you might want to add a few more job entries.”

Karen Bender, HR Consultant says:  “Employers want to see enough history to understand the depth of a candidate’s experience. For experienced candidates, this doesn’t mean you need to detail the early parts of your career, unless they are relevant and unique for some reason.”

Some recruiters think removing the oldest five to ten years of your employment history might raise a red flag. To avoid this, you can include earlier positions with just the job titles, company name, and employment duration. No need to elaborate about your achievements and responsibilities.

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