Amazon packer job description

Amazon Packers are responsible for picking, packaging and handling inventory arrangements to ensure that there is sufficient inventory for shipment.

His/her job description includes ensuring that the order is ready for shipping, as well as marking and labeling product containers. The job of the packer is to measure and count the product containers to ensure the right quantity. Amazon Packers perform quality control tasks and inspect each product to ensure that its quality meets standards, and isolate and report any damaged products.

Amazon Packers perform their duties:

  • Receiving inventory, selecting and preparing shipments, loading and unloading trucks
  • Work within the scope of occupational health and safety guidelines and follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and others
  • Pack the goods with bubble film and polystyrene sheets, and seal the container with glue, staples or shrink wrap
  • Weigh and label the packaged goods, and report problems to the supervisor
  • Ensure that the container is properly marked and appropriately labeled
  • Manually record the package information and enter it into the database along with the package status
  • Enter picking, packaging and loading information into a predefined Amazon database
  • Check the product to make sure it is in normal working condition and not damaged.

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